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Custom Fire Patches

Top Notch Custom Fire Patches For Your Crew

Custom Fire Department, ambulance corps, first aid squad, and paramedic service patches remain typical specialties.

These types of patches not only require durability, but they also need to be resistant to fire and water damage, along with many other things. The most advanced computerized looms, finest twills, and colorfast threads give these patches the resistance and durability needed. Similar to police patches, these patches can be a combination of pictures, words, and a code of conduct that may depict the institution’s purpose, necessity, and location features. These patches need to convey such a clear image that individuals may see the patch on a fire engine, ambulance, Non transporting EMS vehicle, and other emergency vehicles and clear the way for a quick and intangible passage when there is an emergency.

Fire patches can be of different types ranging from leather to PVC and Embroidery. The central aspect of the patches is the type of raw material used to create these patches since they require much protection. The ladder, fire truck, and fire helmet have become a symbol of common recognition for rescue and fire services worldwide. All patches need to tell a story, and firefighters and rescue patches are the best at it. Not only do they convey a story but also an assurance of security and safety. The symbols of a Florian cross or a Firetruck have become so symbolic that upon arrival in a particular situation, they assure the surrounding people that a bad situation is about to get much better. No matter the amount of fire and rescue departments worldwide, a unique and master design always paints a different story in ordinary people. With the top-notch software, professionals, and materials used, these patches and designs may be used not only on uniforms but on everything owned by that specific institution.

These patches can be as small as to cover the front end of a cap to being as big as to cover the frontal or the rear region of a uniform of a certain department. The need to tell a story of protection and rescue for these patches is very significant, and with a team of professionals who have dedicated years to these services, the best designs and quality are pretty easy to attain and maintain for decades to come. All in all, these patches have to go through rough operations and use; hence the need to get them designed by professionals is indeed a necessity.

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