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Custom Morale Patches

Top Notch Custom Morale Patches For Your Crew

A well-designed patch by professionals adorned on a set of clothing or accessory can convey a considerable message or educate the surrounding audience with much information regarding that particular person. Morale patches are the best example in this matter, as they are specifically designed to show an association. Take an example of a military unit. All the officers and staff of that particular unit can be distinguished from others by simply looking at their unit symbol, usually adorned on the shoulder of their uniform. Similar examples may be taken from daily aspects of life, where a particular individual’s name on a key chain indicates an association of the keys to one specific person. Morale patches are not limited to show the association of military and individuals, but they may also be used to indicate certain groups and factors of people.

Morale patches can be designed in Embroidery, PVC, iron-on, Chenille, and many more types since they may be used on any clothing or daily life accessory. The foundation of Morale patches was set with the first blood chit issued by the then president George Washington in 1973; this is the core reason why morale patches are considered to be adorned mainly by the military. Along the way, military personnel and units started using concepts of humor rather than seriousness, that is the main reason why morale patches are no longer sewed into uniforms instead, Velcro became the necessity of the hour as it gives the individual the option to opt for the patch on a specific event or not. In addition to all this, different law enforcement departments have also started using morale patches such as police, fire brigades, and Emergency services over the years.

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